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We are Etobicoke & Bloor West’s Dental Hygiene Experts.

DENTAL HYGIENE GROUP IS AN INDEPENDENT DENTAL HYGIENE CLINIC located in Etobicoke, Ontario,Canada. We are proud to provide a welcoming alternative where you can receive customized preventative dental hygiene care. We cater to clients of all ages including children, adults and seniors in a safe, and relaxing environment.The Dental Hygiene Group was founded to provide people with an alternative to your traditional dental office for dental hygiene. Receiving dental hygiene care at the Dental Hygiene Group is both easier and more cost effective than at traditional dental clinics. Our treatment plans are flexible and customizable for each and every individual’s needs.

We’re looking forward to becoming a member of your oral health care team!

Take control of your dental hygiene by working with our qualified dental hygienists.


Wicked White will really give you something to smile about!

Almost everyone is a candidate for whitening. On average teeth will whiten 4-8 shades in as little as an hour!


Early detection saves lives!

With oral cancers on the rise, a 5 minute oral examination is your first defense. By incorporating the Velscope you can be assured that disease is being detected at it’s earliest stage.

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