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Are you thinking about teeth whitening?

December 17, 2015 @ 5:11 pm
posted by admin

It’s everywhere, people with beautifully perfect white teeth, so you ask yourself, how do I get my teeth to look like that??

First of all, don’t be fooled, much of what you see on T.V. and in magazines has been photoshopped, and most of the movie stars and models have what are called veneers (basically a half crown that is placed over the natural teeth, invasive & expensive, a topic for another day). So keep your expectation of teeth whitening products earthbound.

Secondly, don’t be using “whitening” toothpastes. If you can crunch it, you shouldn’t be using it on any regular basis. Some of the pastes that are marketed for teeth whitening are just abrasive, so while they may remove some of the external, granular staining on your teeth in the long run you are doing more harm than good. In fact, these pastes may thin your enamel and over time the next layer of tooth will reflect through more causing your teeth to actually appear more yellow!

Lastly, use a peroxide, gel based product. I of course am not a fan of unsupervised at home teeth whitening to the likes of whitestrips or pre-fabricated trays, but I am a realist and am well aware of their popularity. So, if you are going to use over the counter whiteners, please follows the directions; do not over do it; and listen to your body! If your tissue starts to tingle or burn or your teeth become super sensitive, stop using it!!

If you really want results talk to us, we can customize in-office whitening treatments that is not only effective but is safe.

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